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ROCK ISLAND BEACH, Vava'u, Tonga | Land for sale in Tonga and Fiji, South Pacific Real Estate


Vava'u, Tonga
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ROCK ISLAND BEACH IS 4 ACRES AT $97,000 USD AND $96 PER MONTH with a government land lease and tenancy agreement.

This property is located on the eastern side of the Vava'u Island Group. The topography is amazing with the ocean and barrier reef (which keeps the waves out) near your back door. Your building site ie elevated a good 50 feet or so, with a path down to your personal white sand beach. Past the beach you have a path up to a ridge and a small elevated rock island. Surf is good outside that barrier and the sounds of it are soothing and muffled: the sounds of an ocean symphony.

Soil on the bluff is excellent, and has had pineapple growing in the past.The natural shade from the coconut and local trees on your slice of paradise allows one to be at the beach without the constant exposure. Places to hide, private little tide pools are everywhere. Perfect snorkeling area, lots of small fish and no chance for a shark to enter these reef protected bathing waters. The water depths vary all over and some are perfect for a kiddy pool or for wading about in the clean and clear water at its purest directly from the sea.

Pure white sand is everywhere on this waterfront. Mounds of it have washed up on the shore over the years. One could very inexpensively move some of this into the water areas to puff up the beach creating large sand areas with beautiful white sand extending out as far as one wished. As well, an Olympic size tide pool could be dug out, by moving small rocks and coral remnants, creating a large seawater swimming pool that would never need a pump or filter system. The natural tides every 6 hours would keep the pool crystal clean and far more septic than any freshwater pool In other words the water areas could be configured like they have tried to emulate in the finest hotels, i.e. the Grand Wailea Hotel in Hawaii.

The location is zoned for both commercial and residential, very private and about 1 kilometer from the main highway above. The location is close to the airport but still remote and with the feeling of being on a deserted island. The main town for food and supplies, etc. is about 11 kilometers away.

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$97 000USD

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