Falaleu Deli, Vavau, Tonga

Vavau, Tonga
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Vavau, Tonga

Falaleu Deli is located overlooking the port of refuge bay having a stunning view with easy access to the water for yachts and comes with a two bedroom house on the property. Falaleu Deli is more than just a location, it is a trusted name of excellent food and healthy living.

A ready made profitable business with years of advertising and good will, years of recipe testing and perfecting, with importing proper machines, the indispensable benefit of well trained staff and the trouble free convenience of a turnkey profitable business complete with living quarters.

Evidence of the success as reported by the owner; “We had a yacht show up yesterday relieved that we are still here as they had heard about us in Panama before they left and they need to reprovision.“ She goes on to say; “It has taken me 5 years to find an appropriate location to service our primary customers properly (the yachts). Now we have service with a view of the sea and this could become more than a deli.”

“We have advertised with all the cruising newsletters and with Superyacht Travel guides and have advertised in the Caribbean for next years cruisers. Apparently, it is going to be an epic year. Every marina in Panama and San Fran is booked waiting for the January/February South Pacific start. There is also a website that is online yet not complete right now with online ordering and payment options so that the yachts can pre order before they leave home port.”
We changed our deli from boat and resort provisions to a pizza and burger takeaway when the pandemic hit. We won the consumers choice awards for best customer service last year and we have already started to get preorders for our provision menu for next year.
“The takeaway menu is well established as well.”

“The provision menu was a successful business before the pandemic and we are known around the world for our food. This business is open for 6 months during the tourist season. The takeaway business has been successful through the pandemic. The takeaway business runs all year. Next year, when Vava'u opens in earnest, with both the deli and the takeaway open it will be overly successful and profitable making a gross revenue of approximately $150k. This number is hard to estimate because of the effects of inflation raising prices increasing the deli revenue above those of 2019 and the takeaway will be open post pandemic for the first-time increasing sales exponentially. The takeaway is successful with only 5000 people, I don't even want to try to imagine it with a full tourist season on top of that.”

Like how these folks treat their customers, so with the buyers; first come, first serve.

$45 800USD

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