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Vaipua, Tonga
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Each lot, just $10,000 USD and $100 USD per year, no other costs.

There are two half acre each waterfront lots being offered on this remarkable lagoon, lots 1 and 5; see the map. The government lease is until 2037. Under Tongan law, you can forever own your home, even on leased land and move your home at will, should you ever be so inclined.

The area is described as the brochure says:

The lagoon that fronts the development site is named Vaipua. In Tongan Vaipua means “Water Flower” hence our name Vaipua Sanctuary. The six half acre sections are all elevated on a hillside leading down to the lagoon. The North West views look over the water to bush laden land on the other side. The ambience of the property is one of solitude set in native leafy trees. Some clearing of the trees to open views and building sites is completed. This has been done in an environmentally friendly manner as the bush is virgin.

The sound one hears on the property is mainly bird song with an occasional church bell faintly ringing in the distance. You will hear no car noise and there is very little activity on the lagoon except the splashing of fish. The back of the property is tree lined and adjoins farm land with the occasional cow in view next to the road leading to the property. Improvements to the property include an all-weather white coral road with side drainage. Town supplied water has been completed to the property. There is no house on the property, however that can be arranged. The bungalow shown was designed and purchased from Timber Construction Solutions Ltd and shipped to Vava’u via container. TCS Ltd is a New Zealand based company that specializes in pre-fabricated tropical homes. These homes are cyclone certified and engineered to withstand winds up to 70 meters per second. (see

For more information and the brochure for this small development, just ask Robert.

$10 000USD

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