Beach house on 2 acres Euakafa Island

Euakafa, Tonga
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Right on the beach; this reinforced cement block house

About 35 feet by 20 feet, with basement and a 10,000 liter water tank under the house is offered on a TA and land lease for 99-years. The house is one big room with a bathroom partitioned on the east side.

The Island is accessible by small craft because within the reef protected inter-island waterway. The island and the sea about have all you need to live like they have for centuries, add solar. There are all kinds of food plants growing on it, free water by catchment, electric can be a simple solar set up.

The seller/vendor is asking $65000 USD and $250 USD as monthly land lease and Tenancy payments.

This is a great way to live or you can make it into a business.

Ask Alice!

$65 000USD

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