Vava’u seaside cabins, Tonga

Vava'u, Tonga
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Neiafu, Vava'u Island Group, Tonga

Note from the seller/vendor:

The current lease expires 13 April 2037 for the property. It can be renewed by the landholder prior to expiring. There has been a tremendous amount of money and work been done since I purchased the property from Kevin. So, there is very little to spend on the place now except move in, buy a refrigerator, gas cooker to cook with etc.

Access was poor to the property so the top road was put in with gravel, top gate, rock walking track down to the property and gravel put in for bottom road to the ocean. New power pole put in. Second smaller water tank was put in on a separate concrete slab. New concrete slab put in the outdoor kitchen as the slab that was there had big holes in and was breaking up.

Finishing work done - New fencing for the whole perimeter of the property. All exterior cabins 1 and 2 and bath room area repainted. Internal repaint in cabin 2 and bath room renovated - new tile walls and floor. New tile in outdoor gallery kitchen, new sink bench in outside kitchen. New water pump, electrical hot water system for shower. Outside ceiling on cabin 1 was lined. cabin 2 outside ceiling lined. Outside cabin 2 back area gravel put in. Pavers and walkways put in - paint and gravel etc.

A lot of work in the yard removing hug fig trees and little to do now that the yard is more manageable except mow and whipper snip once a month. The top road gets whipper snipped usually once a month. Ongoing costs with yard work so trimming bushes, mowing, cleaning the beach for rubbish, coconut fonds and coconut seeds etc. The caretaker is there if someone interested wants to go and have a look, he has keys etc. The annual lease rates are $200 Top yearly, less than 100 USD per year.

$18 700USD

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