Waterfront Island lots 1/5 acre plus 3000 sf, $6,880

Vavau-Hunga Island, Tonga
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March 11, 2017: There are 17 lots available at this offering on this pristine island in the Vava’u Island Group.

The opportunity to have a piece of South Seas paradise is presented here for only $6,880 USD and $35 per month. These lots are located on the reef and island protected side of Vava’u-Hunga Island (no big waves possible) on this inter-island waterway. Building lots along the coast have access to the reef shelf below where fishing, snorkeling, swimming and reef walking are your pleasure.

The lot sizes are about 760 square meters with about 300 more square meters of foreshore land that can be used for other than the main home construction, such as gazebos, walkways, picnic huts, fences, etc.

Building on this island is facilitated with very little in the way of rigid requirements. Alternative methods are welcome and encouraged such as earth bag, coral rock homes, coconut log homes and even conventional western style homes. The electric would be by solar and/or gen set and septic is the waste solution with potable water by catchment. For more on all these utilities, just ask. Your home can have all the comforts, conveniences and security you long for or are used to, yet be immersed in nature’s jungle with the ocean before you. There are no wild animals, no snakes, no Gila Monsters,no reptiles larger than a Gecko and really nothing to seriously harm you on land. In the ocean, well that is another matter in the deep.

Land in Tonga can’t be bought or sold, rather it can be leased, which has about the same rights as ownership; that is for the 99 years of the lease’s duration. You can lock up a home site in paradise now and secure your future. The only other costs will be your annual payment of $420 USD, which includes all taxes and fees and is fixed for the full 99-year term. Try to get taxes fixed at the same rate for 99-years on property you supposedly own in your homeland. The one time price and the annual is all you have to pay for your piece of Heaven in paradise.

You will own your own home, have everything you need and about all you could ever want in life, all right here in this island group water wonderland. You can have your own garden and access to the large community garden for fresh fruits and vegetables with seafood galore right out your door. People on this island of Vava’u-Hunga have been comfortably living well for hundreds of years. Everything you need is right here in the Vava’u Island Group of the benevolent Kingdom of Tonga. The elevated land, the vista, the life in this habitat is hard to describe, even in 1000 words. Some may have to experience this to believe it is true, but true it is, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cP8A4SOvI0 and if the pictures are enough to carry that message, then the real thing is just an indescribably better experience.

The pictures fail to fully describe the incredible views, the clear waters reflecting every shade of blue and the cleanest air on earth for you and your family. You can finally breathe in deep when you get to Vava’u. Vava’u is right in the middle of the healthiest and safest place on the planet. All yours; the remarkable views pictured and access to the sea, beaches and even a boat mooring basin in the most protected waters in the South Pacific.

The property is a Noble estate where a master 99-year government registered land lease has been lodged for the residents. The government of Tonga acknowledges and supports development on this estate of the Deputy Director of Lands and Governor of the Vava’u Island Group, and territories north.

The lots offered are located on the south side of the island facing the cool trade winds on a small bluff over the sea below. The height from the sea ranges from 1.5 meters to 10 meters, depending upon the lot location on this side of the reef and island protected inter-island waterway. Inside this lake like environment is where so many smaller islands are sprinkled about. The higher the lot numbers are lower to the water. Access in the higher areas may require building some steps, which are easily made by any of the local boys with an interest in earning the above average $2.50 USD per hour. Consider that kind of help for your other domestic needs.

Now, if you read this far you may have questions and wonder “why so cheap” as so many have asked. The answer is; the offer is not an expensive big promise of new marinas and large common buildings with swimming pools, tennis courts and paved roads and gates and high fences. The offer is simply a pegged lot on a beautiful island with access to it for 99-years.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UspNIm8wiQ an overview of where you could be living free for cheap.

For more on the offer, just ask. info@southpacificrealestate.to

$6 880USD

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